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The Yumin

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" New way home, i dream a little dream of ya, to be with ya. "

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If you were my "LOVER"}
Thursday, 2 October 2014 | 18:51 | 0Comment

i'll be the greatest girlfriend on earth.. i'll always make you happy.. i'll take care of you and protect you.. i'll always give you a warm, cozy, HUG.. we'll have infinity KISSES.. i'll make you one of my Priorities .. I could be your playmate.. we'll play shooting/action games.. if you beat me, i wouldnt mine.. as long as you'll kiss me for losing XD we'll watch horror movies at home. its not that i hate the cinemas but i dont want us to spend too much money for unnecessary stuffs but instead, i want us to save money for our future .. its okay if you forget our monthsary.. i want to count years.. no.. uhm.. eternities with you.. i'll always hold your hand. i'll show everyone that im happy and contented with the person next to me :) i promise you'll be the only one i'll look into. and most of all, i'll LOVE you everyday, every hour and every second of my life..